Our Members

Our members are made up of amateur radio enthusiasts, most of whom are licensed Amateur Radio operators who are ever ready to sacrifice their precious time and energy when their assistance is required. Amateur radio operators (also called Radio amateurs or simply hams) are people who enjoy experimenting with wireless … Continue ReadingOur Members

Our Values

MARES is the leading non-governmental organization that provides emergency communication to various government agencies in Malaysia. Our operations and functions share many similarities with Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) in the United States of America, Radio Amateur Emergency Network (RAYNET) in the United Kingdom and Wireless Institute of Civil Emergency … Continue ReadingOur Values


Amatur Radio Malaysia From Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Communication and Multimedia (Spectrum) Regulation 2000, amateur radio is defined as: Radiocommunication service (covering both terrestrial and satellite) in which a station is use for the purpose of self training, intercommunication and techical investigation carried out by authorized persons who … Continue ReadingHistory

Our Society

The Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (affectionately referred by its members as “MARES”) is an amateur radio enthusiasts club duly registered under the Malaysian Societies Act primarily focused on providing radio communication assistance during emergency and disaster. Formed in 2002 by several amateur radio licensees led by Abdul Aziz Nor … Continue ReadingOur Society