Malaysia Amateur Radio Emergency Service (MARES) welcomes more ham radio operators in Malaysia and is delighted with your enquiry.

Ham radio usage in Malaysia is licensed under Communication Act which is managed by Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (SKMM).

One needs to acquire at least Class B Apparatus Assignment (AA) from SKMM. To get the Class B license, you have to sit for the RAE – Radio Amateur Examination. This examination is conducted by SKMM. Information regarding this examination can be obtained from SKMM website, or from the hyperlink in our website, Cost of attending the examination is RM50.00, payable direct to SKMM.

Class B license enables you to operate at 50MHz, VHF 144.000-148.000MHz and UHF 430.000-440.000MHz frequencies.

After holding class B license for at least one year, you are eligible to sit for CW test to acquire Class A license. CW test require skill in sending and receiving Morse code.

RAE will be announced by SKMM from time to time. The registration form can be obtained from SKMM. Please visit SKMM or MARES web site, under Announcement link, to download the form and get the next RAE information.

After passing the RAE, you are required to make Class B Apparatus Assignment application to SKMM. Class B annual fee is RM24.00. For each application, the processing fee is RM60.00. Just like the driver license, you can apply up until 5 years license period.

For a start, you can be MARES allied member or Short Wave Listener (SWL), which allows you to listen to conversations in amateur radio band. You also can converse by using another amateur radio call-sign with her or her permission.

MARES helps the public and its members to prepare for RAE. Information regarding RAE can be found in SKMM web site.