Most of MARES members have been actively involved in emergency communications to support disaster and relief missions in Malaysia. In 1967 a big flood hit Kota Bahru Kelantan knocking down telecommunication network. Radio amateurs were called in to provide emergency communications for the disaster area; and also to link Kota Bharu with Kuala Lumpur.

Dec 1993 Highland Tower Tragedy
When the Highland Towers Condominium collapsed on 11 December 1993, we were called on to provide EmComm service linking the disaster area and the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital. The communication link was operational for 24 hours a day for five days.

1994 Subang Airport Fire
In 1994 fire broke out at Subang International Airport. Radio amateurs were requested by the Department of Civil Aviation to provide back up communication for the failed Airport Terminal Information Service (ATIS) system.

Feb 1999 Mantin Plane Crash
In February 1999 a light plane crashed in Hutan Lipur Mantin, Negeri Sembilan. Amateur Radio operators were called in by the Civil Defence Department to setup Emergency Communication Unit at the Emergency Command Centre of the Search and Rescue Operation.

Dec 1999 Y2K Changeover
On 31 December 1999 our members were requested by The Civil Defence Department Of Negeri Sembilan to provide emergency communication service in lieu of any eventuality during the Y2K changeover.

Feb 2002 Pahang Flood
In February 2002 Malaysian Red Crescent requested us to provide an Emergency Communication link from Kuantan to their headquarters in Jalan Nipah Kuala Lumpur during the flood Relief Operation in Pahang.

Mar 2005 Klang Gates Dam Plane Crash
On the request of the Civil Defense Corp, MARES members set up an Emergency Communication Network to support of a Search and Rescue (SAR) operation, between 15 and 16 March 2004, to find a light airplane (Piper 28) which crashed in the vicinity of Gunung Bidai near Bentong. MARES also setup an Incident Command Centre at the Klang Gates Dam in Hulu Kelang to coordinate all communication traffics.

Dec 2004 Asian Tsunami
26 Dec 2004, following an unexpected Tsunami, MARES headquarter becomes a relay station to coordinate communications between search and rescue agencies in Meulaboh, Banda Acheh and Medan. Some of our members were also dispatched to Banda Acheh to help support communication link for the relief agencies.

19th – 24th Dec 2006 Johor Flood Disaster (1st Mission)
Upon receiving an urgent request from the Department of Civil Defence in Segamat, we immediately dispatched our first responders along with 4 jet skis which arrived in Segamat within the first 24 hours. We setup VHF radio network linking Segamat Police Headquarters, Civil Defence Corp and temporary relief shelters. We also setup HF communication to link Segamat District Police Headquarters to the Disaster Operation Center at the Civil Defence Corp Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

28th – 30th Dec 2006 Johor Flood (2nd Mission – Segamat)
MARES assisted Yayasan Salam, a non-government organization, in their relief works in Segamat. MARES helped to control their traffic and provid communication facility for Yayasan Salam’s convoy to Segamat. In Segamat we setup portable EmComm stations at various places to enable Yayasan Salam provides fast and efficient relief works.

12th – 14th Jan 2007 Johor Flood (3rd Mission – Batu Pahat)
MARES and Yayasan Salam organized the third relief work in Batu Pahat.

19th – 21st Jan 2007 Johor Flood (4th Mission – Batu Pahat)
MARES and Yayasan Salam worked together and organized the fourth relief work for Segamat flood victims.

14th – 16th Dec 2007 Pahang Flood (Temerloh)
Huge flood hit several different districts in Pahang including Temerloh, Maran, Bera, Jerantut and Pekan. Temerloh District Police Headquarters requested MARES to provide EmComm support for the district of Temerloh. MARES deployed several teams which setup portable station at the Temerloh Police Headquarters and at the Bilik Gerakan Banjir at the District Office. We also organized and dispatched a team of 4 jet skis from our affiliate organization to help in flood disaster relief mission in Temerloh.

19th – 21st Dec 2007 Pahang Flood (Pekan)
19th December 2007 – Civil Defense Corp in Pekan requested MARES’ assistance for flood relief operation in Paloh Hinai, Pekan. Our team was immediately dispatched to Paloh Hinai Police Station the same day; setup a portable station and operated the station until 21st December.

27th – 29th Dec 2007 Pahang Flood (Pekan)
MARES received a request from Bilik Gerakan Banjir at Pekan Police Headquarters. Our EmComm teams were immediately dispatched. We setup emergency communication stations at Bilik Gerakan Banjir at Pekan Police Headquarters, and another station at Bilik Gerakan Banjir UMNO in Pekan.

6th – 9th Dec 2008 Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide
Following a landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur MARES received an urgent request for EmComm support. MARES deployed several teams involving at least 40 EmComm volunteers. MARES setup 2 EmComm stations linking Malaysian Red Crescent Society’s Headquarters in Ampang and its mobile command centre at Bukit Antarabangsa. MARES also setup 5 portable EmComm stations for the Medical teams from the Ministry of Health, particularly:

  1. at the trauma centre,
  2. forward base,
  3. at the Police Operation Centre,
  4. at the Fire and Rescue Operation Centre and
  5. at Temporary relief centre at SK. Hulu Kelang.

19th Feb – 27th Mar 2009 Gunung Yong Yap Missing Person SAR.
MARES supported the authorities by providing emergency communication support for SAR operation to find a missing climber at Gunung Yong Yap, near Perak and Kelantan border. In the operation which lasted more than a month, MARES and other radio amateur volunteers operated on-site command center from 19th Feb – 27th Mar 2009. The operation however, failed to locate the missing person.

28th – 30th May 2009 Jaya Supermarket Collapsed
On Thursday 28 May 2009 the abandoned Jaya Supermarket in Section 14, Petaling Jaya collapsed during demolition operations. MARES was requested by Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) to provide emergency communication support at the incident area.

3th – 7th Sep 2009 Broga Hill Missing Person SAR.
In September 2009 MARES assisted JPAM and provided communication support during a SAR operation to find 2 missing jungle trackers at Broga hill near Semenyih. Both trackers were eventually found.

11 January 2014 Ops Cesna
MARES received a request from assistance in the Search and Rescue (SAR) activity of Cessna Plane crashed at Empangan Batu, Ulu Yam. The SAR was conducted by the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department. MARES assisted in providing a secondary communication link for the SAR team and the command center.

18th – 22 June 2014 Ops Kelanang
MARES was contacted by Selangor Fire & Rescue Department (FRD) to provide emergency communication in support of the search and rescue operation conducted on a capsized boat carrying 97 passengers off Banting waters. As the appointed coordinator for radio hams emcomm support for FRD’s RESCAR, MARES had broadcasted through all communication means calling for volunteers to assist the SAR agencies.

December 2014 Ops Murni
MARES was called by SKMM to provide communication support for Ops Murni in Kelantan. MARES setup its communication center at 8 Briged RAMD. We provided ground to air radio coordination for air operations and ground communication network between Pengkalan Chepa, Manik Urai and Kuala Krai.